Chelsea FC


Moving the club beyond football.

The problem

On the pitch, in football terms Chelsea are cutting edge; winning everything, attracting the biggest players and employing the latest techniques and technologies to get ahead in their game. Off the pitch in terms, of their brand and their digital products, services and marketing they were well behind the pace.

As their success soars they are missing out on huge global opportunities to extend their reach and brand position by connecting new audiences to the Chelsea brand and experience.



We undertook a piece of brand strategy work to understand Chelsea's current position in the marketplace and how they might evolve. A key opportunity was identified around becoming a global lifestyle brand. This idea of moving beyond football aligned with their key partners (Nike) and key assets (players) as well was what a new young global audience was looking for.

We also carried out a piece of global research which allowed us to create a segmentation model from emerging fans to engaged fans and to understand their individual motivations and needs. This research was analysed and resulted in 8 key insights and opportunity spaces.


We decided we could open a new channel into new and existing markets by designing an iOS and Android app that would sit in partnership with the website. We ideated in three key opportunity spaces around unique, snackable content, making the match day experience accessible to all and creating a global community. We used the value proposition canvas to map the needs of our customers to our solutions to make sure we were creating at the very least a problem-solution fit. In this phase we employed a lean UX approach and during in a sprint based process we prototyped, tested and iterated to get towards a feature set we could consider an MVP.

Our app hinged on three key features:

  • Buzzfeed style, unique, snackable content that brings you closer to the club.
  • A Match Day experience that brought Stamford Bridge to the world.
  • A Fifth Stand community section that told the latest stories from Chelsea using the fans social content.

Product Design

With an MVP agreed upon with the business we span up an agile production team and began working on the design and build of the apps. We worked in 2 week sprints with the design team always running ahead of the developers so that we could prototype and test any design before it was coded.

As well as working on the design of the products we were also working on the evolution of the brand and the beginnings of a design language that future teams and products could pick up, use and evolve. We sprinted towards an MVP and got a BETA version into testing with around 1000 users from which we received a NPS score of 80%. 



We created a simple and graphic onboarding experience communicating our value proposition.

Sign up / Log in

The Sign up / Log in flow worked with the users device controls to step the user through a clean and simple process.


Content feed

The landing page was contextual and adapted to deliver the most important Chelsea news and content.

Match Centre

Our Match Centre used a combination of club and fan content to deliver the Chelsea matchday experience to the world.



Our content was short, snappy and visual. We employed lists to make things really easy to read and GIFs to make the content engaging. 



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