Cards for Humanity


A practical tool for inclusive design.

The problem

As designers and developers, it can often feel like we’re in a race to digitise every part of the world. However, we risk moving too fast, forgetting to consider the diverse needs of everyone who uses what we create.

Not only does that exclude people from those services, it excludes them from society at large. Excluding people from a service poses an obvious ethical issue, but it also poses a business issue and potentially a legal one.

I and Charley Pothecary wanted to create something to challenge ourselves and others during the design process to consider a wider range of needs.



I believe in inclusivity and inclusive design as a process. If someone can’t use a product or access a service because they are temporarily, situationally or permanently disabled, or because the way they identify doesn’t conform to outdated social ‘norms’, it’s the fault of bad business and lazy design.

The tool

Cards For Humanity can help and is a tool that can be used throughout the design process. Every pack includes two types of cards - ones which describe a user, ones which describe a diverse range of needs. These cards combine to set up a variety of scenarios to help test your product, service or user journey from a different perspective.


Try it!

If you think you and your team could use some more diverse thinking in your work then email me for a pack!


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