Date Night with Google

Google ends the “What do you want to do tonight?” debate for couples.


The brief

Have you ever noticed that when you hear the word ‘dating’, you think about singletons, hook ups, and disaster stories. When did dating become the domain of those looking for relationships, rather than those in them?


Could a dating product for couples bring the excitement back to dating, helping you choose where to go and when to go, all powered by Googles products? Could this idea end the pre-date “What do you want to do?” loop for good?


The work

Firstly, we recruited 8 couples to conduct some research into if and how couples date. We validated and disqualified our initial assumptions before beginging to ideate ways to help couples date better. We tested our initial concepts with our couples before arriving at a possible solution.



We created a very basic prototype and got it in front of users to learn and iterate. We ran very lean and did this as many times as the budget would allow, incrementing towards our alpha version of the product. In a second phase of work we applied Google's material design and arrived at our beta. The flow below outlines the main feature set:

Set the day. 
Set the date.

A romantic night out?
A cosy night in?

What activity takes 
your fancy?

Send the invite to your
other half.

Work together until
you’re happy.

The solution

The final build allowed couples to create a date in just a few clicks. The cute, playful interface facilitated a discovery experience where couples could get inspired and find new things to do.


As part of the project we also created a media campaign around the product and a film promoting the benefits of dating well. Unfortunately due to licensing issues the project never went live.