Own The Ice with Chromecast

Building a live, interactive game at the Barclays Center, home of The Islanders.

The brief

People are aware of Chromecast, they can afford it but they needed to see the value in it.


We needed to teach people that with the power of Chromecast, a small screen in your pocket can make a big impact on the big screen.


The work

So we turned the halftime and timeouts at the Barclays Center, home of the Islanders, into a mass-participation gaming experience. We enabled 17,000 Islanders fans to take part a unique gaming experience at the Brooklyn Arena - Own The Ice.


We turned the Jumbotron into a game of speed and skill dividing the arena into four teams allowing them to compete against each other using their mobile device as the controller.


The results

Over the first 2 live games over 4% of the audience playing the game clicked through to purchase a Chromecast at a special reduced rate.


The game appears twice during every hockey game with over 60% of the audience playing twice.